The God Story                               

Teaching or "Storying"? We use an approach to teaching biblical narratives and discussing them called Chronological Bible Storying (CBS). It is often just called 

“Storying”. We have adapted and developed our stories and the corresponding dialogue to be effective in a current, and often “Western”, context.

Storying includes a time of dialogue and discovery after telling each story. In the dialogue, the storyteller uses questions to guide listeners to discover the meaning and significance of the biblical story, and to lead participants to connect their own stories to the larger narrative.


Goals of Telling the Story To understand, experience and intersect with God’s story.

  •  To become a ‘story-formed’ people whose lives are daily shaped by the truths of the Story.
  •  To make disciples of Jesus who make disciples.
  •  To see and experience God’s “Redemptive Arc” throughout history as found in the Bible—seeing the connection between all of the stories—and seeing the Bible as one big story.
  •  To be moved by a Story that points to a God who constantly pursues us and desires to know us.
  •  To see the intersection of our stories with God’s Story.
  •  To understand our identity differently in light of God’s story, who he is, and who he created us to be.
  •  To encourage us to worship God in deeper ways.
  •  To “live in the gospel”, seeing the world differently, seeking to further God’s Kingdom - to live on mission. 
  •  To become excited about the biblical narratives, reading and learning more about them in the Bible.
  •  To learn to retell these stories and help others to see how they can find themselves in God’s story.
  •  To build biblical community and shared experience.