I'm New


 What should I wear?


Is childcare provided?


What time should I arrive for worship service?


Do I have to put money in the offering?






These are all common questions, and we want you to feel as comfortable as possible on your initial visit to LifeStone Church. 


What to Wear- We are a comfortable congregation and want you to be just as comfortable. "Come as you are." 

Child Care- Child care is provided. We have a staff of trained child care professionals to watch after your children while you are worshipping. Ask one of our Hosts for directions to the nursery. 

Arrival Time- Church starts at 11:15am on Sundays. Arriving 10 minutes early is plenty of time to find a seat.

Offering- We don't expect visitors to give in the offering. However if you consider LifeStone your church home, we would appreciate for you to prayerfully give to LifeStone. You can give in one of the many "GIVE" boxes throughout the church, or online via the e-giving page.